April 9, 2013


Today I heard a comment that really made me step back and think. It was stated by a young mother at Village of Hope “hope and fear can’t exist inside me at the same time- So I just need to have so much hope that it pushes out the fear” Among all the services that we provide  families, we can’t get far if we don’t start with hope.Hope is something that is hard to articulate but you know it when you have it! Hope generally starts very small. I am realizing that hope and trust often go hand in hand. It may start with a little bit of trust and if that trust is not broken it can lead to hope. Hope is very hard to achieve after a lifetime of sadness and mistrust. It is an honor to share the first glimmer of hope with a family and then see it grow more each day. Many times the other families  in the shelter give hope to each other by sharing what has worked for them and giving them encouragement to keep going. Hope is something that can be passed on from generation to generation and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity each day to see our families work hard to make it better for their children.


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