Thanks for the HOPE!

November 29, 2016

Working at a Homeless Shelter for Families provides much opportunity to give hope to others but this past month I’ve had the chance to receive just as much as I give. This hope came in the form of our youth. Susan Eichstadt at Bemidji Middle School invited me to speak to all 4 classes about the truth about homelessness. In addition they are collecting supplies. Looking at their faces, engaged in my story gave me hope!

Today I met with Susan Richards class at Northern Elementary in Bemidji. Each year they tie  and collect warm blankets for the shelter. Today is was 48 blankets they donated! These elementary students were so excited to hear about how we help others and so excited to help.

Poverty and homelessness is complex and complicated and Village of Hope will not solve this problem on our own. I’m so thankful that we have partners that reach out to us on a daily basis. When others share hope the world is a much better place.

I want to thank everyone for sharing hope with us so we can pass it on!