The season of giving, all year long

December 12, 2017

home for the holidays.png

During this season, our thoughts and hearts automatically turn towards home. We share memories and thoughts of holidays past. What does this season mean when you live and work in a family homeless shelter?  It definitely is a time for caring community members to reach out and share their time, and money with families. This happens often during the year but increases during this season of giving.  So, how can we extend this season of giving all year long and make a difference so all people are “home for the holidays.”

  1. Commit to becoming a Circle of Hope Member: This provides dedicated funds each month to continue the mission. $5.00 each month makes a difference!
  2. Host a party and ask each guest to bring a specific item. This could include a book of stamps, laundry detergent, dish soap, ream of copy paper, cleaning supplies, or pillows- you get the idea!
  3. In honor of your birthday, anniversary  or other special event,ask for donations rather than gifts, or start a go fund me page in honor of Village of Hope.
  4. Do you have a few extra hours each week? Sign up to volunteer and provide transportation to Dr. Appointments, Job Interviews, Housing Interviews or work.
  5. Do you belong to a group that is looking for speakers? Ask the Executive Director to share the work and mission of Village of Hope.
  6. If you have an idea or would like to get involved in anyway call and speak with the Executive Director.
  7. Homelessness is always with us but is felt much more strongly during this season. Please join me in thinking about home all year long.

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