I am Somebody

December 18, 2013

I have been reflecting on 2013 and all the amazing opportunities the staff and volunteers at Village of Hope have had to make a difference in the lives of families.  We see lives changed every day! We couldn’t do it without the people who partner with us, when you share your time, talent and money you give help for today and hope for the future.

I challenge you all to be somebody this next week and make a difference!


December 18, 2013


The little boy ran into my office today, crawled up on my lap, put his hands on either side of my face, looked me in the eye and said” I miss you”. He is very hard to understand but that came out loud and clear! After he left with our usual “See you later” I started to think about how and when we lose the ability as adults to  tell people what we really feel. To my friend and I we do not worry about labels or judgements or what is and what isn’t. We just are together. He knows I am so glad to see him and he’s glad to see me. I want to carry that feeling in every interaction I have with homeless families  and remember how I felt when we looked into each other’s eyes.

April 19, 2013

What can communities, agencies and the  governement- all   who are  fighting homeless learn from the Moon?

It was May 25th 1961 and President Kennedy, in a special address to congress on the importance of space announced the goal that before the decade is out , the nation should commit itself to landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to earth.

What an bold statement!  He states” We go into space because whatever mankind must undertake, free men must fully share” Lesson 1. Everyone deserves the right to safe and secure housing- as a free people we must fully share.
He goes on to acknowledge; “But in a very real sense, it will not be one man going to the moon-if we make this judgement affirmatively, it will be an entire nation. FOR ALL OF US MUST WORK TO PUT HIM THERE.”Lesson 2: A small group of individuals cannot achieve something so monumental- it will take all of us working together.Toward the end of his speech, President Kennedy said” This decision demands a major national commitment of scientific and technical manpower, material and facilities, and the possibility of their diversion from other important activities where they are already thinly spread. It means a degree of dedication, organization and discipline which have not always characterized our research and development efforts” Lesson 3: If it is important enough to do, it is important enough to do right with all the resources needed. Lesson 4: The President set the goal and stated it boldly for all the world to see.

I can’t believe that if we can put a man on the moon and return him safely- we can’t end homelessness.


April 15, 2013

Homelessness and Workforce Development

Investing in job training and skills that work to improve the employment status of homeless families presents a huge opportunity for impact. Studies show a return on investment as high as 9.00 per dollar invested! The majority of homeless people who currently are unemployed are working hard to find employment. It is a battle every day to find job opportunities when you are struggling with basic survival such as where will my kids sleep and what will we all eat?  Homelessness carries with it huge barriers to employment. Many people find themselves without education and basic skills to find and keep employment. 

Village of Hope Family Shelter have adults who truly want to “make things better for my kids” and “make a difference by working hard and doing the right thing”. 

April 9, 2013


Today I heard a comment that really made me step back and think. It was stated by a young mother at Village of Hope “hope and fear can’t exist inside me at the same time- So I just need to have so much hope that it pushes out the fear” Among all the services that we provide  families, we can’t get far if we don’t start with hope.Hope is something that is hard to articulate but you know it when you have it! Hope generally starts very small. I am realizing that hope and trust often go hand in hand. It may start with a little bit of trust and if that trust is not broken it can lead to hope. Hope is very hard to achieve after a lifetime of sadness and mistrust. It is an honor to share the first glimmer of hope with a family and then see it grow more each day. Many times the other families  in the shelter give hope to each other by sharing what has worked for them and giving them encouragement to keep going. Hope is something that can be passed on from generation to generation and I’m grateful that I have the opportunity each day to see our families work hard to make it better for their children.


April 5, 2013


  For families who live in homelessness, It takes an incredible amount of energy to maintain hope against all odds. Hope comes in many forms, it is an advocate looking parents in the eye and telling them that you believe in them and they can make a difference for themselves and their family. It is landlord taking a chance on a family that has made poor choices in the past but now  have the skills to make the right choice and will make the right choice. Hope looks like an employer offering a job to a Mother or Father  so that family can  become productive members of their community. Hope looks like a community member visiting with parents or kids at the shelter and really listening to their story and the things they need to break the cycle of homelessness.

Offer Hope to a homeless family today!